About MonoPolymer

Who We Are

Born from the dreams of visionary pioneers in 2022, Monopolymer emerged as a beacon of innovation in the realms of game publishing and advertising. We are not just a company, but a crucible of creativity and ambition, where the brilliance of human ingenuity meets the boundless possibilities of the digital age.

What We Think

At the heart of our mission lies the relentless pursuit to weave a global tapestry of connections, creating an empire that transcends borders and infuses the digital convenience of the information era into the everyday lives of people everywhere. With client-focused products as our spearhead, we strive to be the architects of a future where entertainment and information become seamlessly accessible to all, unraveling a world where the next click could change everything.

Global Marketing

Focus on global marketing, we publish games and Ads in world wide.

High Quality

We provide high quality traffic to advertisers, based on our algorithm.

Best Offers

Our SDK gives monetization plan to developers with high eCPM.


Our SDK must be save, light, high efficiency, and easy to integrate.

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